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Founded in 2004 in Santa Barbara, Pierron Architecture (PA) has had the good fortune to work on wide variety of projects including  affordable housing complexes, transit centers, private homes, and many other project types. PA takes pride in this variety of projects and finds a passion in solving the unique problems and circumstances each presents.

The Jane Jacob’s quote “Design is People” has been a guiding principle for the firm since its inception. PA believes that good design arises by focusing on the people who will inhabit the buildings. This concept “design is people” also encompasses the people involved in the process of creating it. PA believes in a unifying approach that incorporates the many, multi-faceted needs and ideas to create successful environments and architecture. Listening to all involved and incorporating their ideas into a final holistic design gives the project a texture and coloring that could never be accomplished without these many voices.

One of the founding concepts for the business has been to provide high quality, beautiful architecture produced by a highly efficient, streamlined business model. By capitalizing on the efficiency of computer drafting and spotlighting multi-task capabilities,  Pierron  Architecture has collapsed the older hierarchical model for architectural practice with its multiple layers of management and drafting into an integrated, horizontal practice. This has allowed the firm to offer high quality design with competitive fees and eliminate many of the coordination problems and mistakes that resulted from a vertical model.

Pierron Architecture has been involved with dozens of multi-family and mixed-use housing projects in Southern California. Most of these projects have been for affordable housing projects with critical funding and scheduling requirements. PA’s ability to create beautiful, inspiring architecture that enriches the lives of the inhabitants while addressing the critical funding and scheduling needs particular to affordable housing projects is one of its great assets.

PA believes in a team approach to design, with multiple design meetings with our clients and other team members. Good design ideas build from meeting to meeting with active participation from the clients to ensure that their goals and expectations are met. We see this process as the very source of good design.

PA has taken many housing and mixed-use projects from the initial programming phase, through the planning and building phases to a completed building. This breadth of experience and familiarity with the process from programming to building codes to construction and thoughtful consideration of our clients needs allows us to design beautiful projects that also are economical and functional.

As a LEEDS accredited professional, Christine Pierron is familiar and comfortable with sustainable design and the certification processes. PA is also aware of the importance of value and cost for sustainable design for affordable housing complexes and the importance of working with the entire team to ensure that the sustainable goals are met while adhering to the project budget.